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If your company is still spending valuable resources on printed boxes, it’s definitely time to rethink your packaging strategy. Printed boxes are expensive, and provide little to no protection for your product. Consider the daily cost incurred by your business due to damage, loss, or pilferage. Custom printed tape is a cost-efficient solution designed to meet your packaging, advertising and security needs. Prints are crisp, clear, and vivid, and can be printed with up to 3 colors on a variety of pressure sensitive tape widths.

Custom Printed Tape

This regular duty reinforced gummed tape works well in all environments. It is strong and once fully dried becomes an integral feature of the carton and is virtually impossible to remove without damaging the box. This security feature is an added benefit of choosing gummed tape. The water activated coreless gummed tape is used in conjunction with Water Activated Dispensers. These dispensers are available online through many distribution channels.

Custom Printed Reinforced Gummed Tape

Looking for an economical and effective way to get your shipping and handling instructions noticed? Our constantly expanding range of stock printed tape is the ideal solution. Standard stock printed tape identifies your package contents, and lets handlers know how to carry and store your merchandise. In addition to contributing to reduced damage, stock printed tape also discourages pilferage by enabling easy detection if broken and resealed. Prints and graphic images are clear, vibrant, and highly visible.

Stock Printed Tape

At Spectra tape we offer a complete selection of high quality adhesive tapes in a range of formats designed to meet your specific packaging needs. Select from polypropylene tape for hand or machine application, premium PVC or cellulose tape.

Carton Sealing Tape

Quick and easy bag closure! Available in 5 different colors making it an ideal bag sealing tape for identification, security, date coding, and inventory control. PVC bundling tape is also highly practical for quick bagging of food products or any loose items sold in bags.

Bag Sealing Tape

Finding the best way to apply your tape has never been easier with our full line of packing tape dispensers! Our variety of tape dispensers includes general purpose to heavy-duty. Whether you’re shipping, packaging or dispensing labels, we have hand-held tape guns and desktop dispensers in many sizes and styles to meet all your requirements.



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