Why You Should Consider High Security Tapes

There are various companies offering services to ensure shipments get to their destination safely and securely but they can end up costing a pretty penny. There are other alternatives companies can turn to if they need their shipment to reach the destination

There are many products such as jewellery, medical equipment, and consumer electronics, which are evidently worth a lot of money. Therefore it is imperative to be able to track and be sure packages, especially of this kind, are not tampered with. High security tape will allow companies to know for a fact if their packages have been tampered with. It would be very obvious if there has been a breach in your shipment thus appropriate action can be taken.

Since there are various security products available such as stock messages, sequential numbering, non-removable void and opened messages, it is good to understand which is best fit for your use.

High security tape is designed to reveal a tamper-evident message of either “void” or “opened” when the seal is removed from the surface. The residue left behind once the tape has been removed is practically impossible to erase. High security tape is even resistant to hot and cold temperatures.

To be more secure, it is even possible to customize the visible and hidden messages on high security tape. Keep in mind with customization comes extra cost but this will ensure your tape cannot be bought elsewhere. There is another version of this tape that has a number sequence every 6” and perforated so it can be used like a label for full security and immediate identification.

When applying high security tape, be sure the surface of the item is clean and dry. It is possible to use high security tape on stainless steel, painted metal, polyester, PVC and glass. The surfaces of these materials have to be free of dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants.

There are many industries in need of this product such as financial institutions, lottery, couriers and corporate security. To be sure packages arrive to their intended destinations without incident, this tape will leave no doubt the box has been opened or stayed sealed the whole time.

If you need additional information on high security tapes and which would be better suited for you, contact Spectra Tapes to get more informed.

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