The Increasing Importance of Branding your Packaging Experience

When it comes to ecommerce, the package customers will receive represents the most direct touch point with them. It is surprisingly even the most under-utilized opportunity for ecommerce merchants.

When it comes to products that don’t get damaged during shipment, companies usually opt for the most cost effective packaging. This would mean the use of fairly bland bags and ordinary boxes is common.

There is so much more companies can be doing with their packages. As you know, first impressions matter and this would bring your brand experience a long way. The extension of your brand into every touch point shared with customers is very important.

This is due to the fact that first impressions form very quickly and they can persist even though someone is faced with contradictory information at a later time. If you think about it, the package sets the tone for what customers will find inside.

The package will raise the expectations of the product found inside. This then influences how the customer perceives the product found inside. Another thing to think about it just how the package looks once it is in the customer’s mailbox or doorstep.

All of these have to be taken into consideration to build a strong brand and create strong customer touch points. Companies who neglect their packaging but do make an effort to cultivate an image of the brand are not fully cultivating their image.

There are so many creative ways brands can create more value and add personalization through their packaging. One of the ways this can be done is with the use of custom printed packaging tape.

Instead of customers receiving your package and thinking “Oh I got a box, who is it from”, they will instead think “Oh I got a box from Brand X”. The latter is more memorable and has a lasting impact.

Custom printed tape has many more advantages such as reducing pilferage and tampering of your packages. It is no secret which company is shipping out their products therefore during delivery, you never know just who may come in contact with your boxes.

When brands use a tape easily found on the market, it is easy to reseal it and make it as though no one went through the package to begin with. Although with printed packaging tape, it would be obvious someone tried to reseal it.

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