The History of Tape

Tape has come a long way since it was first invented. The purpose of tape  first created roll of tape might not even be what you thought. It was actually intended to make the process of painting a car two-tone much easier.

In the 1920s it was almost impossible to get a very clean finish on a two-tone paint job for cars. The supplies they had at the time left glue residue on the car and made the glue hard to remove.

That is when an employee at 3M invented masking tape after noticing the trouble workers were having. So it was not even to seal packages for shipments like we might have thought. Today, because of the rising popularity of online shopping, there is an increase in the number of items being shipped all across the globe.

With the ease of starting an online business, anyone can simply start a brand tomorrow and begin selling online. But with all that increased competition, wouldn’t you want your packages to stand out from your competition?

When you ship a package out to a customer, a supplier or whoever it may be, the first thing they will notice is the package and not what is inside. Make sure it is a memorable experience since your brand will be top of mind next time they need a product like yours again.

If you ship to a store, your products will be easier to locate and restock with the use of printed packaging tape. One of the biggest reasons people make the switch from a standard tape to custom printed is the reduction of pilferage. It is an economical way to prevent the public from opening up your package, taking a few items and resealing the box.

Since people within your organization only have access to your branded tape, it would be very obvious if someone tampered with your package once it is in transit. There are even different high security tapes, which can be partly customized.

Tape is not the only thing that can be customized since boxes can also have a brand’s logo printed on the sides of them. They are generally more expensive to get done and there needs to be a regular inventory count of each size box to make sure there are enough in stock.

It does not even offer the extra benefit of reducing pilferage and tampering. That is why looking into the option of getting custom printed tape for your business worth the investment.

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