How custom printed tape adds security to your packages

There are thousands of packages being shipped worldwide everyday. For those companies who use standard packaging tape, they are missing out on the added benefits offered with custom printed tape.

Increasing security of your packages

There are a few options available for companies looking to use a certain kind of customized tape.

1. Stock Printed Tape

For those who are looking for something more budget-friendly, there are stock printed tape options available. Stock printed tape identifies the contents and communicates important messages to the handler. These special messages reduce the risk of damage to your merchandise. Examples of messages offered are ‘glass handle with care’, ‘do not cut with knife’ and ‘warning – if this seal is broken’.

2. Custom Printed Packaging Tape

Another option available is to have your company’s logo printed on the tape. This is the most customized product since no other company will have the same design or logo. Not only will this product add more security to your packages, but it will also increase brand recognition and brand retention. In addition, it is possible to add special alerts and important handling requirements onto the tape. If you would like to stand out from competition and have your product arrive at its intended location safely, then this product is a great option. Custom printed tape come in various materials with the most common ones being polypropylene, kraft gummed tape, acrylic and PVC.

3. High Security Tape

If the nature of what you are looking to ship needs more security than stock printed and custom printed tape, there is the option of using high security tape. This tape is designed to reveal a tamper-evident message once the tape is removed from the surface. This residue left on the box is impossible to erase and is resistant to hot and cold temperature extremes. For additional security, it is possible to customize the visible and hidden messages for an extra cost. The most common industries that use this product are financial institutions, jewellery, lottery, governmental, corporate security, couriers and so on.

You can never be too sure who might come in contact with your package. That is why it is recommended to use some kind of customized packaging tape. If the package has been resealed with a commonly found tape, it would be very obvious it has been opened before it has arrived to its intended location.

How to Get Your Brand to Stand Out with Custom Printed Tape

Companies that sell online should be aware of the products and services available that add value to their brand. Custom printed tape is a great example of how a product can add more value to your brand. Not many people would know at first glance the amount of benefits such product will offer.

Advantages to Using Custom Printed Tape

For companies that want their brand logo to stand out or need to communicate important messages to the public, it is possible to find all these advantages in one product. Here are all of the benefits to using custom printed tape.

  • Identification

This is especially true for ecommerce companies who would like their product to appear more visible to customers as they are receiving their box. It is also helpful to have your logo on the box to make it easy to track products during shipping. In addition, other companies who purchase from you will be able to see just how much of your product is left in stock. Since your boxes are more visible, it is clear to see how much inventory is left.

  • Security

Since you never know who could come in contact with your package during shipment, custom printed tape can help reduce instances of pilferage and tampering. This is because anyone outside your company does not have access to your custom tape. Once your package reaches its destination, it would be obvious to tell if it has previously been opened it if it has been sealed with custom printed tape. This is due to the fact that if the box has been resealed, it is very easy to tell.

  • Messages

When companies get their tape custom printed, it is possible to add alerts and warnings for important handling requirements. These messages can consist of messages if there are fragile items in the box and it needs to be handled with care. Another popular one is the ‘do not open with box cutter’ message in order not to damage the contents inside.

  • Advertising

In an increasingly competitive world, any way to get your brand in front of the public would help in brand recognition and brand retention. In addition, it is a great way to get your packages to stand out. There are billions of packages being shipped worldwide every year. If you aren’t utilizing this opportunity to get your logo on custom tape, you can be missing out on brand outreach.

  • Economical

Custom printed tape offers another advantage of reducing the need for large inventories of printed boxes. This can get fairly complicated too if you would need different sizes and it calls for continuously checking your inventory if you have all sizes in stock.

How Custom Printed Tape Ties into B2B Marketing

Custom printed tape is a product that is available to ensure added security to your package during shipment as well as getting your band to stand out. Many companies are looking to purchase this product for themselves due to the added benefits it offers.

Most people think doing business with companies is more challenging than selling to individual consumers. It is important to know how to present your message to your potential customers and the style of communication also varies from person to person. Adding the component of storytelling to your messages will surely get increased visibility if done right. They create a visual picture for readers as well as pull the audience in. These kinds of messages make your content more interesting to consume and more memorable.

This can get fairly overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. It is important to first identify who your personas are. Are they the business owners themselves? Or maybe it’s the marketing manager? Understand what their pain points are and show a story of how you can make these disappear. For example, some pain points that can disappear with the use of custom printed packaging tape are boring/standard shipping boxes, low security of packages and so on.

Color even has an impact on the emotion since it sets a tone for the content. A common example is the association to green and nature, which has a natural, calming effect. When looking into which color is best for your brand and message, it is important to do a little research to understand what each color represents and what kind of emotion it gives off.

Every company has to compete on a differentiator, whether it is price, service or whatever it may be. B2B customers are always looking to compare products by how much it costs, its features and capabilities. If you allow your customers to choose you solely based on price, they will bypass the marketing messages out there. This will prevent them from getting to know your brand and knowing what you are all about.

When potential customers visit your website, they want to be sure your product offering is worth the value. That is why it is always a good idea to provide testimonials and reviews on your site. You can say all you want about your company but there is something to be said about the reviews on your site.

Another way to get customers’ attention is to advertise the benefits your product will over rather than the features. For example, with custom printed tape, we all know it is a competitive world out there; that is why it is vital to stand out as much as you can.

That being said, the people working in companies are human. Even though they have clocked out of work, they are still thinking about projects at their jobs. When you add the emotional component into your posts that is when they will stand out.

Increase Security of Online Food Ordering and Delivery with Custom Printed Tape

Online food ordering and delivery services have swept big cities in North America. Companies such as Foodora and Uber eats have become the go-to place for people to order and receive food straight to their door. Even with this convenience, there are downsides to this service. Since the delivery person does not work directly for the restaurant, there is a risk for them to steal and item from the bag or even go through the order.

It is customary for restaurants to use tape to seal the top of the paper bags they are delivered in. It will help to make the package be more secure but anyone has access to the standard tape normally used to seal the bags. If companies use custom printed tape, it would allow their brand to stand out as well as provide more security to food delivery.

When the customer notice an added element to their delivery when they would normally not expect, they will tend to remember that part of the experience. Since we are talking about custom printed tape, customers will have to cut through it to access their food. It is guaranteed they will notice the logo and message on the tape. Aside from added security and getting your brand to stand out, there are more benefits to using custom printed tape.

People will be able to identify your stock more easily. If delivery people have more than one order of food to deliver from various restaurants, they will be able to find your package quickly.

When your brand appears as often as possible to your target market, it reinforces and promotes your company. In a world of high competition, especially in the restaurant business, it is important to think about the details. That could be the deciding factor between you and a competitor. The more your brand is exposed to your customers, the higher likelihood they will have you at their top of mind.

As soon as companies thinks about the details to help them stand out even more, they are allowing themselves to have increased brand awareness and it is a great form of advertising. For the cost of custom printed tape, it is worth the investment for all the benefits it provides for your brand.

PVC Bag Sealing Tape

There are many uses for PVC bag sealing tape namely that in the food industry. If you notice the next time you shop at a grocery store or a farmer’s market, the bags they seal your food in such as breads, fish, cheese and nuts are done so with PVC tape. The most commonly used color is red but some other options are clear, white, yellow, green and dark blue. In other words, it is a fast and economical way to seal plastic bags used most commonly to bind produce bags in order to close them. How it works is the PVC tape wraps around the neck of the bag, closing the contents inside.

Since it comes in many colors, companies can use it for color-coding, identification, security as well as inventory controls applications aside from sealing.

An example of how companies can be using them for color-coding can be for bundling wires together to know which bunch belongs where. This can even touch upon identification where, for example, red tape can mean a certain food combo and workers will know exactly what the that means.

As for security, it is fairly impossible for someone to unstick PVC tape once the adhesive sides are stuck to one another. Therefore, this product will prevent tampering and pilferage of your products due to it being quite obvious if someone has gone through the package. The bag sealed with the PVC tape will be damaged if someone tried to get through it. That is why this product will provide added security to the contents of your items.

To be able to use them, there are special dispensers to be used to seal the bags. These are available in economy or deluxe stainless steel. They are fairly similar in design with the main difference being the materials they are constructed with. The latter is more durable in it’s construction and should last longer than the economy model.

PVC bag sealing tape is a great product that can be used by many companies in the food and other industry for a variety of reasons.

Which Industries Use Custom Printed Tape

There are many companies that can benefit from custom printed tape. The common attribute between them all is the realization of all the benefits the product provides. What I mean by that is any company in any industry can find reasons to use this product. The first question to ask yourself is if it is important for your customers to recognize your brand. Getting your brand name out there in front of as many people as possible is the usually what companies look to attain.

Another question to ask is if you need to communicate special messages to the people who handle your product. If so, it can easily be done in a fun and creative way with custom printed tape.

Companies also have concerns with pilferage and tampering of their packages. There are special deterrents to increase your company’s bottom line such as the use of custom printed tape. Think about the increased security this product will offer. This is due to the fact that no one outside the company will have access to the custom tape used. When the seal has been broken, it would be obvious if another tape has been applied to reseal the package.

Any company that would like their packages to be easily identified by customers or during shipment should consider the product. An advantage this provides, especially for B2B companies is the fact that they will be able to see just how many boxes are left from the last time they ordered from you.

The advertising aspect of custom printed tape plays a big factor when companies decide to make the switch from regular tape to custom printed. When you go through the scenario of when a customer receives the package, think about the first thing they will see. It isn’t the contents in the box but rather the packaging. This creates a positive first impression if it has been carefully thought through. It can even be the first time a customer gets in physical contact with your brand since an increasing amount of sales are done online.

Therefore, the next time your customer comes across your box, online post or whatever it may be, it will make them think about your brand and will ensure you will stay top of mind.

Going back to the original question as to which industries should get custom printed packaging tape, it can be for practically any company in the business of transporting or shipping a product.

Custom Printed Tape with Logo

Did you know you could get your logo printed on packaging tape? There are many ways you can get your brand to stand out. Companies in the business of selling products need packaging tape, so why not turn it into something that allows your brand to stand out? Custom printed packaging tape is an affordable way to help customers retain your brand name and logo without breaking the bank.

Custom printed boxes are another option if you’d like to have your logo appear on the package. Keep in mind that it can be a more expensive option since there needs to be various different sizes available for boxes and logos might stick out less than custom printed tape. It doesn’t offer any more benefits to the package aside from an aesthetic perspective.

On the other hand, custom tape adds security to your boxes. This is due to the fact that only employees within your company will have access to the custom tape. Therefore if anyone tries to tamper with the package, it will be quite obvious since they would need to reseal it somehow with another kind of tape. As the receiver of such packages, never accept boxes that appear to have been tampered with. This could indicate someone might have gone through the box and stole something.

There are various colors and designs available for people to choose from when it comes to their custom tape. This way, companies can get their packages to be more easily identified. Think about certain cases where companies have stock form different vendors. With your tape across the box, it is easier for them to identify your packages and have an idea of how much of your inventory is left.

When a customer receives a shipment from a company, regardless if they know what it contains or not, the first thing they will notice is your package. Making sure to set a good first impression is important in a highly competitive world. Anything to get your customers talking about the packaging to their friends and family will keep your brand top of mind. You would want customers talking about your brand as much as possible to keep them engaged. Awareness of your brand in a world full of them has become important to come up with ways people will tend to remember you as much as possible. That is why looking into custom printed tape with logo is a great opportunity to get your message across to customers.

Why You Should Consider Stock Printed Tape

Want your packages to stand out from competition but need to save money? Have you considered stock printed tape? It is a great solution for companies who want to get their packages to stand out without splurging on custom printed tape. The message on the tape will be related to an instruction for your shipping and handling. It can even contain a message of where the product shipped is made and what it may contain.

Printed tape will allow the handler of the package to identify the message and carry it according to what it says on the tape. The advantages of stock printed tape are the reduction of the risk of damage on the merchandise and it reduces pilferage. It is very obvious if custom printed tape has been broken and resealed. The text and graphic images are clear, vibrant and highly visible just as custom printed packaging tape would be.

Examples of stock printed tape

If you are looking to get polypropylene as your stock printed tape, it comes in a 30 micron. Polypro is the most commonly found tape on the market. Many companies like to use it because it is affordable and binds very well to most boxes. It is made of a hot melt adhesive and the film, as the name implies, is made out of polypropylene. Micron means the thickness of the tape. It is important to note that some companies increase the number of microns to appear higher than it actually is by adding in the amount of glue on the film.

Stock printed tape even comes in PVC, which is the most expensive kind of tape on the market. The adhesive is made of a natural rubber and the film is of hard vinyl. PVC even adheres well in cold temperature environments. It is quite impossible to tell the difference between polypropylene and PVC by looks alone. A great way to know which tape is which is to unwind it. Polypro is the one that is fairly loud when sealing. PVC does not make too much noise; that is a great way to distinguish between the two. Stock printed PVC tape comes in 35 micron.

When you start using stock printed tape, your packages will stand out more easily than other companies who are using just a monotone color tape. With its vibrant visuals, there is no way people will miss the message you want them to receive.

How Custom Printed Tape Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

This year the total worldwide ecommerce sales is expected to reach $2.8 trillion USD and this figure is only going to continue to increase within the years. Now the question becomes, what is your company doing to stand out from all of the packages in transit?

In the United States alone, there are $340 billion of online sales annually. It used to be the country with the most ecommerce sales for over a decade but recently got beat out by China.

Custom printed boxes are an option but it will not bring as much value as custom printed tape will. Depending on how the logo is printed onto the box, customers may not even notice it. In addition, printed boxes are expensive and offer little to no security for your product. Every business faces costs associated to damage, loss or pilferage of their products. A great solution to combat all of those is to start using custom printed tape. It is a cost-effective way to meet your packaging, advertising and security needs.

In order to get the best possible product, it is important to provide a high-resolution version of the logo to be printed onto the tape. This way, prints are clear, crisp and vivid. It is possible to print up to three different colors onto the packaging tape selected.

There are four different kinds of packaging tape to choose from. One of which is polypropylene, the most commonly used tape due to its affordable cost and ability to get most jobs done. Once it is stuck on the box, the adhesive will fuse to it. Although the more recycled the box, the harder time it will have to stick.

PVC is regarded as the Cadillac of tape due to its natural rubber adhesive and hard vinyl film. It is a very reliable tape, which performs well in various situations. Since all clear tape look similar, a good way to tell the difference between them is to unwind the tape. If it makes a noise, it is means it is either polypropylene or acrylic. PVC is fairly silent when sealing.

As mentioned previously, acrylic is another kind of tape that can be used for packaging. It is recommended for use in cold or freezer temperatures. It binds best within 24 hours of application.

Gummed or water activated tape is a popular option within ecommerce companies. The history of this tape is that it was on its last leg until the now largest online marketplace, Amazon started using it to package its boxes.

These different options all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some are best in certain industries therefore it is advised to look into the characteristics of each tape and in which conditions it best performs.

What to look for in tape dispensers

There are various kinds of tape dispensers on the market. The first decision companies have to make is whether or not to invest in a machine that applies the tape to the package or apply the tape with a dispenser. A few things to consider are budget, volume of packages to seal and space in the warehouse.

There are a lot of other details to consider as well once you made the decision between the two. In this article, you will see the variations between the different hand held models and which is best for your business.

If you are using a 2-inch tape, it is best to look into also purchasing a 2-inch tape dispenser since they were made for each other. There are three different kinds of shoppers on the market for tape dispensers. For those people who are looking for the best price, the economy dispenser is the best option. We have one with a side loader and adjustable brake. The blade is made out of stainless steel whereas the body is made of a plastic construction. This type of dispenser is recommended for occasional use for start-ups or for companies that have a low volume of products to ship.

The general-purpose dispenser should be considered when you would need to use it a few times everyday. It has the same characteristics as the economy model but it is a slightly more stable product. Depending on the size roll you use, you will find one with either a plastic or metal construction.

The third type of dispenser is for people who would need it for constant use. It has a durable metal construction and the roller is made of a natural rubber for best pressure sensitive application. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this one would be the most expensive of the three common kinds of dispensers.

Keep in mind that these tape dispensers are for polypropylene, PVC and acrylic. In other words, any film that has a sticky adhesive applied to it works for these dispensers. Water activated gummed tape is one that would need a special kind of dispenser. With the increasing popularity of ecommerce, there is an increasing amount of people who are buying products online. Also since Amazon, the largest ecommerce site uses gummed tape, other companies took notice and want the same for their packages. For the adhesive on gummed tape to activate, there needs to be just the right amount of water to be able to bind properly onto the box.