Need help designing your custom printed tape?

Ok, before even thinking about custom printed tape, the best course of action is to have a great logo that will capture your audience’s attention. There are certain things to think about when going through this task. One would be the use of a visual double entendre, which means to have two images in one. It is a great way to get your logo to stand out and is more likely to reinforce brand visibility and retention. In addition, your audience would appreciate the little mind game and will enjoy the design more because of it.

Another consideration, which is just as important, is the color palette of the design. Any designer will tell you that color carries meaning and communicates ideas. Not only is it important to have your logo’s colors stand out and be vibrant, but also you should think about how it will look in grayscale or a true single color version. Since custom printed tape has limited amount of colors that can be printed on the film, it is good to have your logo available in one tone for these instances.

There are always going to be fads that come along in designing logos. It is best to steer clear from them since it can become unoriginal fast. When it comes to your logo, it has to be well thought up.

Generally the first sketch is going to be fairly generic so it is recommended to take up a few pages of sketches to figure out which path you would like to take. A good direction to take is using custom lettering since it will give your logo a unique feel. All this information can make someone feel a little overwhelmed but another word of advice is to keep it simple. Picture the logos for Apple and Nike. If you think about it, they are just an image of an apple and a checkmark.

To further guide you, think about proportion and symmetry to create a balanced logo.

These circles are a good guide to figure out how to draw out the logo for Twitter. Every logo should have a good story full of meaning both obvious and hidden. Even a small added element to a logo can give it more depth and meaning. It is good to keep playing around with it until you find the one best suited for you.

Once your brand logo is all figured out, having it show up everywhere such as on your custom printed packaging tape will reinforce brand recognition and visibility.

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