How to Get Your Brand to Stand Out with Custom Printed Tape

Companies that sell online should be aware of the products and services available that add value to their brand. Custom printed tape is a great example of how a product can add more value to your brand. Not many people would know at first glance the amount of benefits such product will offer.

Advantages to Using Custom Printed Tape

For companies that want their brand logo to stand out or need to communicate important messages to the public, it is possible to find all these advantages in one product. Here are all of the benefits to using custom printed tape.

  • Identification

This is especially true for ecommerce companies who would like their product to appear more visible to customers as they are receiving their box. It is also helpful to have your logo on the box to make it easy to track products during shipping. In addition, other companies who purchase from you will be able to see just how much of your product is left in stock. Since your boxes are more visible, it is clear to see how much inventory is left.

  • Security

Since you never know who could come in contact with your package during shipment, custom printed tape can help reduce instances of pilferage and tampering. This is because anyone outside your company does not have access to your custom tape. Once your package reaches its destination, it would be obvious to tell if it has previously been opened it if it has been sealed with custom printed tape. This is due to the fact that if the box has been resealed, it is very easy to tell.

  • Messages

When companies get their tape custom printed, it is possible to add alerts and warnings for important handling requirements. These messages can consist of messages if there are fragile items in the box and it needs to be handled with care. Another popular one is the ‘do not open with box cutter’ message in order not to damage the contents inside.

  • Advertising

In an increasingly competitive world, any way to get your brand in front of the public would help in brand recognition and brand retention. In addition, it is a great way to get your packages to stand out. There are billions of packages being shipped worldwide every year. If you aren’t utilizing this opportunity to get your logo on custom tape, you can be missing out on brand outreach.

  • Economical

Custom printed tape offers another advantage of reducing the need for large inventories of printed boxes. This can get fairly complicated too if you would need different sizes and it calls for continuously checking your inventory if you have all sizes in stock.

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