How Custom Printed Tape Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

This year the total worldwide ecommerce sales is expected to reach $2.8 trillion USD and this figure is only going to continue to increase within the years. Now the question becomes, what is your company doing to stand out from all of the packages in transit?

In the United States alone, there are $340 billion of online sales annually. It used to be the country with the most ecommerce sales for over a decade but recently got beat out by China.

Custom printed boxes are an option but it will not bring as much value as custom printed tape will. Depending on how the logo is printed onto the box, customers may not even notice it. In addition, printed boxes are expensive and offer little to no security for your product. Every business faces costs associated to damage, loss or pilferage of their products. A great solution to combat all of those is to start using custom printed tape. It is a cost-effective way to meet your packaging, advertising and security needs.

In order to get the best possible product, it is important to provide a high-resolution version of the logo to be printed onto the tape. This way, prints are clear, crisp and vivid. It is possible to print up to three different colors onto the packaging tape selected.

There are four different kinds of packaging tape to choose from. One of which is polypropylene, the most commonly used tape due to its affordable cost and ability to get most jobs done. Once it is stuck on the box, the adhesive will fuse to it. Although the more recycled the box, the harder time it will have to stick.

PVC is regarded as the Cadillac of tape due to its natural rubber adhesive and hard vinyl film. It is a very reliable tape, which performs well in various situations. Since all clear tape look similar, a good way to tell the difference between them is to unwind the tape. If it makes a noise, it is means it is either polypropylene or acrylic. PVC is fairly silent when sealing.

As mentioned previously, acrylic is another kind of tape that can be used for packaging. It is recommended for use in cold or freezer temperatures. It binds best within 24 hours of application.

Gummed or water activated tape is a popular option within ecommerce companies. The history of this tape is that it was on its last leg until the now largest online marketplace, Amazon started using it to package its boxes.

These different options all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some are best in certain industries therefore it is advised to look into the characteristics of each tape and in which conditions it best performs.

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