How custom printed tape adds security to your packages

There are thousands of packages being shipped worldwide everyday. For those companies who use standard packaging tape, they are missing out on the added benefits offered with custom printed tape.

Increasing security of your packages

There are a few options available for companies looking to use a certain kind of customized tape.

1. Stock Printed Tape

For those who are looking for something more budget-friendly, there are stock printed tape options available. Stock printed tape identifies the contents and communicates important messages to the handler. These special messages reduce the risk of damage to your merchandise. Examples of messages offered are ‘glass handle with care’, ‘do not cut with knife’ and ‘warning – if this seal is broken’.

2. Custom Printed Packaging Tape

Another option available is to have your company’s logo printed on the tape. This is the most customized product since no other company will have the same design or logo. Not only will this product add more security to your packages, but it will also increase brand recognition and brand retention. In addition, it is possible to add special alerts and important handling requirements onto the tape. If you would like to stand out from competition and have your product arrive at its intended location safely, then this product is a great option. Custom printed tape come in various materials with the most common ones being polypropylene, kraft gummed tape, acrylic and PVC.

3. High Security Tape

If the nature of what you are looking to ship needs more security than stock printed and custom printed tape, there is the option of using high security tape. This tape is designed to reveal a tamper-evident message once the tape is removed from the surface. This residue left on the box is impossible to erase and is resistant to hot and cold temperature extremes. For additional security, it is possible to customize the visible and hidden messages for an extra cost. The most common industries that use this product are financial institutions, jewellery, lottery, governmental, corporate security, couriers and so on.

You can never be too sure who might come in contact with your package. That is why it is recommended to use some kind of customized packaging tape. If the package has been resealed with a commonly found tape, it would be very obvious it has been opened before it has arrived to its intended location.

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