Fit for Life Challenge

Spectra Tapes is a company that values its employees and encourages them to stay involved within the organization. Every quarter, the company chooses a theme to get staff to participate to work together towards a common goal as well as learning something new.

This quarter is the fit for life challenge encouraging employees to lead more active lifestyles. No matter what you decide to take on or already practice, be it a slower paced activity or a faster paced one, the idea is to get moving to get more active and, in turn, have more energy for all of the other things you do.

This is not something Spectra Tapes wants employees to get involved with temporarily and abandon after the quarter is over. It is pretty clear the intentions are to keep being active to be the best version of yourself as you can. The company’s head office even has a fully functioning gym with dumbbells, a rowing machine, a stationary bicycle as well as a treadmill. It is open before people’s shifts start to encourage employees to work out before they take on their day. There are even women’s and men’s locker rooms to change in and out of your gym clothes. They are both even equipped with a shower.

Ideally, everyone within the organization would make it a habit to workout so as an added incentive, Spectra Tapes would provide a healthy catered lunch once 750 hours of exercise has been accumulated by employees in a given time frame. The ultimate goal however is if 1000 hours has been accumulated by 80% of participants; they will receive a chair massage.

When people start working out, they feel better and will encourage others to do the same. It is no secret that exercise makes you feel better and helps you take on your day with more energy. It has many other positive influences on the body such as controlling your weight, improving your overall mood and increasing brainpower, reduces stress and makes your memory sharper. If you have trouble falling asleep, exercise can help you sleep better and not to mention it is fun and can be enjoyed with friends and family.

Not every kind of exercise is for everyone therefore when you pick up something new, it is best not to get discouraged and keep trying until you find an activity you enjoy. It should not feel like a chore to workout since the likelihood of sticking to it will not be very high.

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