Different kinds of customizable tape

For those of you who own a business and still aren’t using custom printed tape, it is time it to re-think your decision. There are many benefits companies can enjoy when they make the switch to custom printed tape.

But this decision can be very overwhelming if you do not have much knowledge of tape. There are four kinds of tape that you can have your logo or message printed on them. Depending on your business needs, it is wise to understand which is best for you.

The most common tape people use is called polypropylene, polypro or poly for short. It comes in different colors, thickness, width, length, amount of adhesive needed and what temperature application it will be used for. It is recommended to stick to white, clear or tan for customizing tape. If you need another color tape, it will be very costly, as the tape has to go through the press twice. For example, if the tape is already colored blue and you want a yellow image, the end result will be green since the colors will mix in together.

Depending on how heavy the shipment is, you can choose the thickness of the tape, the width and how much adhesive you may need. Most people go with the standard 30-micron polypro tape mainly because of its affordability and it gets most ordinary jobs done. Side note, a micron is a unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter. Just keep in mind the more recycled a box is, the harder it will be to stick to poly.

Then there is PVC, polyvinyl chloride, which is made up of a hard vinyl film and a natural rubber adhesive. Unlike regular poly, PVC is generally a higher quality tape since it is recommended to use for heavier shipments. You can even hear the difference between the two since poly is noisy when unwinding and PVC is quieter. A common use for PVC is to close food bags at grocery stores. The tape is comes in several colors and binds together once stuck.

Acrylic is another very popular kind of tape that can be customized. The film is not pintable so we print on the adhesive side. It is recommended not to have more than 30% visuals in a given surface when it comes to acrylic. Also note that the adhesive sticks best 24 hours after application.

Gummed tape or water-activated tape has gained a lot of popularity due to Amazon. It was on its way out until the e-commerce giant started customizing it. The way it sticks on boxes is with the use of water, as the name applies. Be sure to apply a decent amount of water if you do not have a proper dispenser or machine to get the tape to stick on the box properly during shipping.

There are general rules of thumb when it comes to tape. No matter what your tape needs are, it is recommended to store them at an ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius or 68 Fahrenheit. But if a tape is known to be applied in cold or freezing temperatures, it is possible to store it in these temperatures as well. When opening a box of tape, make sure not to use a box cutter since even the slightest nick can damage the tape and it will keep breaking at every turn.

Also be conscious of how much product you are stuffing in the boxes. If there is too little, the tape can start to unbind due to sagging from the weight from other boxes during shipping. On the other extreme, if the boxes are stuffed too much, the tape will also start to unbind. In those overstuffing situations, it is better to use 3-inch tape.

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