10 reasons why you should get your custom printed tape from Spectra Tapes

An increasing amount of companies are making the switch to custom printed tape to pack their shipments. If you do the math, your brand will benefit greatly more than the expense.

1. Clear way to identify and track your company’s products

When you look in a batch of shipments, it will be obvious where your boxes are since they will stand out from the bunch. This will help to get them located in the event your package gets lost or misplaced in transit.

2. Marketing tool to reinforce your brand visibility

Think about all the people who will come in contact with your package when in transit. These people are consumers too and they will be subject to your visuals when they come in contact with your package. In addition, it will help people recall your logo and be more visible against that of your competitors.

3. Economical way to reduce theft

There are solutions out there to make sure no one steals the contents of your shipment but it may get expensive. Using custom printed tape is your best bet to discourage tampering and pilferage while still being on budget. This is due to the fact that only people working in your company will have access to the tape. If it opens up during shipment, it would be obvious someone tried to repackage it.

4. Printed tape can alert/warn of important handling requirements

On the tape visuals, it is possible to add handling requirements. This way, the delivery person and the handlers will understand right away how to manipulate your shipment.

5. Eliminate the need for costly printed boxes

Printed boxes are another way to stand out and look more professional in the eyes of your customers and the public. But carrying them in different sizes is costly as well as taking up extra room and it doesn’t have as many benefits as custom printed tape.

6. Easily identifiable labeling method for shipping

Instead of reading the small label on the box as to which company a package is coming from, it is easier for it to be processed with custom tape right across. In addition, the first thing a customer will notice when they receive your shipment is the packaging. You have a chance to set a good impression by astonishing them with visuals and, if done right, they might even want to take a picture and share it with their social media circle.

7. Highly competitive rates

Spectra Tapes has one of the most competitive rates for both carton sealing tape and custom printed tape. Depending on your order size and where it is being shipped it is worthwhile to get a quote.

8. First quality materials and service

High quality products are used and sold to customers. Spectra Tapes knows the importance of keeping a good relationship with clients. If you are ordering custom printed tape, an order is thoroughly reviewed and recommendations are made to ensure customers will be satisfied with the end product.

9. Fully knowledgeable customer service, sales and technical teams

Unless someone has worked with tape before, they will not be very knowledgeable about how to use it, store it and the different kinds available depending on the needs of customers. There are even different size lengths, widths and thickness which can get very overwhelming to the average person. Spectra Tapes has a team of dedicated employees who can help you with all your questions.

10. Fast, efficient, flexible service

Once you place your order and sign off on the approval sheet, it will take 2-3 weeks to receive your shipment. That is the average lead-time after an order gets sent to print.