What to Look for in packaging Tape to Increase Security

There are different parameters that have to work together to support what you are looking to get out of custom printed tape. With the many test values that have to be determined and analyzed, the best pairing for adhesive tape is to have the most appropriate, dry and clean carton. This is a great place to start since it will ensure right off the bat that the packaging tape will stick well to the box.

Factors to watch for during application

Other than making sure the surface on which the tape will be applied to is dry and clean, there are other factors to consider during application. These are temperature of the room, pressure after applying and conditions of application have a great influence regarding a secure seal. Depending on what these conditions are, there is a tape that is made especially for it.

Tests to tell how sticky the adhesion is

There are many ways to tell if tape has superior quality adhesive. One of the ways is to test it on a steel place to compare the results between how it could stay stuck on carton. Something to note is that a high adhesion on steel only does not guarantee a permanent carton closure. The winning combination is the balanced interaction of the strength of the adhesion, tack and shear adhesion on the carton.

Another test that can analyze the quality of the adhesive is through rolling a steel ball on the tape. The shorter the distance the ball rolls, the better the tack. The takeaway from this test demonstrates that the adhesive binds itself very well to the carton fibers quickly.

Sheer adhesion is another great test to know the connection between the adhesive and carton. One end of the tape is stuck vertically on a piece of 100% recycled carton and the free end is tied to a weight. The longer the piece of tape stays stuck to the box, the better the adhesion.

The quality of the carton and the reset force of the flaps are other variables that should be considered when purchasing packaging tape. To tell if a carton is of superior quality, it should be cut well with clean folding and glued precisely. A standard test that is undertaken with packaging tape is overfilling a recycled box and placing it in a closed room for two days with a temperature of 40 degrees Celcius and a 40% air humidity. This is an important test since it is not uncommon to encounter these variables in real world scenarios.

When a box is being transported on its own, it can be common for the tape to start to unbind due to the stress of other packages placed on top of it if they are heavy. The determined breaking load is the force that is necessary to break an adhesive of a certain width.

What Is Packaging Tape Made of?

Packaging tape is a product mostly everyone needs if they are in the business of shipping products. Self-adhesive tapes are the easiest to use since they are very versatile and can be customized with different colors and prints. Not every piece of tape is made the same, therefore it is important to do your research on choosing the right tape for the proper application.

Types of Adhesives

Natural rubber is considered to be the best kind of tape on the market. It is an all-round great choice for a wide range of applications since it gives the user an increased peace of mind. Since their package will arrive to its intended location the same way it left, it is a reliable choice for companies. This is because the strength of the adhesive ensures the permanent closure of cardboard boxes even on critical surfaces such as a highly recycled box or in extreme conditions.

Hotmelt is synthetic rubber in granular form. It is first melted and applied to the backing material while it is hot. It sticks with good immediate tack and high transparency.

Acrylic is another kind of adhesive that can be applied to a backing material. There are two kinds of acrylic adhesives such as water-soluble and solvent-based. Both are great options if transparency, good UV and ageing resistance is what you are looking for. If you are comparing their performance on the surface, natural rubber would be rated the best followed by hotmelt and then acrylic.

Backing Materials

PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride, is usually backed with natural rubber adhesive. This combination allows the product to be one of the best on the market.

BOPP or MOPP are mainly used for the production of classic self-adhesive packaging tapes. It is the most commonly used backing since it is the most affordable and can perform relatively well.

Paper backing has made a comeback since Amazon started using it to seal their packages. It seals packages very well but it is a hassle to activate the adhesive since water would need to be applied. Since it is made of paper, it can be recycled with the box.

All your questions on custom printed packaging tape answered

We get a lot of questions  related to custom print jobs such as order size, the number of colors we can print on tape and of course for quotes. In some instances, our minimum purchase order is just one case. This is most likely the case for orders with a one-color print. For two-color jobs, the minimum can go up to two cases. Keep in mind the type of tape ordered also has an impact on the minimum. For gummed paper tape, it is usually a five case order.

Colors used for custom printed tape

As for the number of colors printed on a single roll, it is possible to print up to three different colors. Colors that are included free of charge are reflex blue, red, yellow, orange, burgundy, black and green. Other colors would have to be mixed in with each other to get the desired result. For a single color job, only one plate would need to be produced. For each additional color needed, another plate would need to be made. In other words, one plate is used for each color that needs to be printed on packaging tape.

Materials used to make packaging tape

There are four kinds of packaging tape that are used to seal boxes. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the application. The most popular tape is polypropylene since it is affordable and can seal most packages. But if someone would need a stronger tape for more recycled packages, the tape to go for in this case would have to be PVC or gummed tape. They bind very well to the surface and will even hold better if the box is overstuffed or under stuffed. Acrylic is another kind of tape that can be used for packaging. It is favoured in cold or freezer application and binds best after 24 hours.

Information needed to provide a quote

The volume of the order is an indication on how much the price will be. The more cases ordered, the less a roll of tape will cost. Shipping is also something that needs to be taken into consideration, as rolls of tape can be heavy. The three standard colors of tape included in an order are white, tan and clear. It is possible to flood coat the tape but since it would need to go through the press multiple times, it will be more costly.