What you need to know before asking for a quote on custom printed tape

We were recently at Pack Expo, the largest packaging show in North America, and more often than not potential customers were asking for a quote. The only information gathered from them at that point is where they are located. Since no two orders are the same, more information is needed to provide such a number.

1. Order size

Like most orders, the more you buy, the more you save. The same applies to custom printed tape; the price per roll of tape varies on the quantity ordered. Spectra Tapes even offers a free plate once an order of ten cases or more is placed.

2. Material of tape

There are four kinds of packaging tape that can be custom printed; these are polypropylene, PVC, acrylic and gummed paper tape. Prices vary on the kind of packaging tape needed since they are all made of different materials. For example PVC is made of a natural rubber adhesive which costs more than hotmelt adhesive.

3. Color of rolls

If the color of the tape is not standard, it would need to be flood coated. This means more labor is involved in the job since it will to go through the press multiple times; once to get the right background color and again to print the desired logo or message.

4. Tape dimensions

Depending on the width and length of the rolls needed, it will also have an impact on price. Standard dimensions range from 1 inch to 3 inches whereas the length can vary from 55 yards to 144 yards.

5. Number of inks

If you would like to print in one color, it will cost less than a 2 or 3-color job. The way custom printed tape is made is each color is passed through the press separately. If a job requires three different colors, it will need to go through the press three times. In addition, for every color, a separate plate would need to be made. The artwork submitted will be produced into one or multiple plates in order for the ink to be transferred onto the tape. Once purchased, repeat orders will not be charged a plate fee unless artwork is subject to change.

6. Ink colors

There are certain basic colors that are included in the order. If less common colors are needed, an ink match charge will be applied to attain colors such as lime green or sky blue.

7. Shipping

Depending on the dimensions and weight of the case and location of where the order is being shipped to, companies will be charged accordingly.

How to use custom printed tape to your advantage

There are certain products and services that appeal to various markets and industries in the business-to-business segment. For example cleaning products, telecommunication services and packaging materials are all things companies need to run smoothly. The only thing that changes is the way each sector is communicated to since their needs can slightly vary from industry to industry.

Communication in marketing

If a company would need products such as packaging tape for boxes, there are so many options to choose from and certain industries have a standard they would normally purchase. For example, lotto companies would need packaging tape that is of high security. These are designed to reveal a tamper-evident message, which reads “Void/Opened” when removal is attempted on the surface of the box. The residue left behind is almost impossible to get rid of and is resistant to hot and cold temperatures.

For retail companies, it is smart to have their brand message and logo to appear on the packaging tape. This increases rates of brand retention and recognition. The more people that come in contact with your brand, the more your company will seem trustworthy to the public. Think about the reason why companies spend thousands on having their ad on a billboard by the highway. People driving by will see the name of the company. Next time the customer perform a search for that product, the familiarity of the brand name will compel them to click on that site as compared to a competitor’s.

Advantages of using custom printed tape

Not only will your brand name be more visible to the public, but your packages will be more secure. This is due to the custom tape packages are sealed with. When this type of tape is broken, it is almost impossible to reseal the box without it looking like someone tampered with it. No one outside the company will have access to your custom tape. In addition when your package is shipped to customers, the first thing they will notice is the package. If there are custom elements to your package, it will create a great first impression for them and the likelihood they will remember the experience is greater.

There are a lot of companies especially in certain industries looking to increase visibility, recognition as well as sales, and using custom printed tape is a great way for them to stand out.