A Simple Guide to Custom Printed Packaging Tape Design

Now that you have understood the many advantages of custom printed tape, it can get quite overwhelming to think about all the different ways you would want to design your tape. Most companies decide to go for their logo, which is a great option. But if you find it a little too boring, other elements can be added to make it stand out. It is also possible to play with different colors and shapes to catch the eye of anyone who comes in contact with your package.

With increasing online competition, it is important to have your brand be more recognizable and increase rates of brand recognition and retention. When a custom roll of tape is just your logo, it could provide the same effect. There are some examples of logos that are very well thought out which will create the same desired effect. Right now the trend most companies have adopted is the clean and sleek look – the tape is white and the writing is black. This might sound boring to some but as the saying goes “less is more”.

The above image is a great example since it piques the customer’s curiosity with the little images between the brand logo while still maintaining a clean look.

Another example is to have your tape be clear with a white print. It still has a clean look and will stick out in the bunch. The contrast between the box and the tape will sure turn heads!

If you are looking for more color, a great way to differentiate yourself is to stick to a color tone that is known as yours. Most women can recognize the red Christian Louboutin soles from a mile away. A company out of Mexico decided to apply the same concept to their boxes as you can see below.

That vibrant pink color will surely be recognizable by your customers!

Here are a few examples of some custom print jobs we have done. As you can see we can print various designs on different colors of tape. There are many creative ways companies can get their packaging tape to stand out by just putting a little more thought into it.

Having your packaging tape custom printed is just one way to bring increased visibility to your brand. But it is considered to be one of the biggest marketing blind spots companies are just not taking advantage of. When customers receive packages that stand out, they will view the brand as more professional and tend to remember their experience.

When to switch from hand application to machine

As small businesses, the day-to-day operations are much more hands on by the owner and the other few employees around. They will undertake most of the repetitive tasks since there is a lack of space, resources or both. A good indicator to know when is the best time to make the switch from hand application to machine is if the task is taking up most of your day. That is good benchmark to make the decision to invest in a semi-automatic or a fully automatic package sealer.

There is a lot of different machinery to choose from when it comes to packaging. Some of the most common ones to pick are stretch film machinery, strapping machinery and carton sealing machinery. If you are in the market for any of these, it can get quite overwhelming if you aren’t sure what to look for in a machine. It is important to do your research beforehand and find a qualified salesperson to help you make the right decision.

When it comes to carton sealing tape machinery, the first thing to make note of is it your boxes are of uniform size or random. This can affect the machine you end up purchasing since it can be time consuming to adjust the size of the machine after sealing different sized boxes. There are machines out there that can automatically adjust for the size but will end up costing so much more.

Another thing to consider is if there is a dedicated location to place the machine once it is bought. Usually wherever it was being sealed by hand becomes the space for the new machine. It is quite obvious the less autonomous a machine, the more expensive it is going to be. That is another question that can be asked when choosing which machine to purchase for your warehouse. If it requires an operator, it means you are looking for a semi-automatic machine since you expect to have someone around to make it fully functional.

When it comes to sealing boxes, there are some people that are only looking to seal the bottom, the top or they might need both sides sealed. There are many options when it comes to box sealing due to the many features companies are looking to have in a custom machine. That is why it can easily become overwhelming when starting to shop for these kinds of packaging machinery. The question as to when to make the switch is completely up to the company to decide when it its best to make that investment.

Get Ready for the Busiest Day in E-commerce

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, it is important to think ahead on the various marketing activities and additional packaging materials to purchase to enjoy a successful and smooth event.

In 2017, there were 3,420,786 items bought during this four-day event. This translates to over $1 billion USD processed. That means there is an increase in the number of packaging stocked to keep up with the demand. With the increase in boxes being shipped, how is your brand standing out? For pure e-commerce companies, the package is the first thing customers will physically touch and see.

It is important to place a lot of thought in packaging to get the most out of it. Brands who do so will notice higher rates of brand retention and recognition. The more the public is exposed to your brand, the more familiar and trustworthy you will appear. Custom printed tape is a great option for all kinds of companies since it is an affordable way to get your message across to the public while still respecting the budget.

There are a few options to the materials used for packaging tape. The most commonly used tape is polypropylene regardless if it is for custom print or for regular packaging. This is due to its affordability and the fact that it binds very well to the surface it is being adhered to. Something to keep in mind about polypropylene is that it does not stick as well on highly recycled boxes since it is very fibrous surface.

PVC is another kind of tape that can be printed on. It is the most expensive tape to purchase for sealing packages from the materials it is made of. The adhesive is a natural rubber and once it is stuck on a package, it will take a lot for it to start to unbind.

Acrylic is also available for custom print and is best for cold or freezer application. As mentioned, it is possible to customize but unlike the other kinds of tape, it can only be printed on the adhesive side. If this is the kind of tape you would need, it is best to have a very minimalistic design since the adhesive will no longer appear where the logo is printed.

Gummed tape has gained a lot of popularity throughout the years since Amazon started using it. It is a great product because it has the least likelihood of unbinding. The biggest disadvantage is the difficulty of application since the adhesive needs to be activated with water.