The rise of ecommerce should also mean the customization of your package

With the rise of ecommerce, brands should think of new ways to stand out from competition and get customers to think about their brand name and be top of mind.

There are different ways companies can be creative and think of several possibilities to be distinct. The goal is to cut through the clutter and communicate messages with your customers that will make them listen to what you have to say and provide you their undivided attention.

Gone are the days of sending the same message to the masses. People want to view content they are more likely to relate or respond to. That is why it’s best to know your market segments by researching different personas. When going through this exercise, it can be possible that certain segments have been forgotten or overlooked. This is how companies get a better understanding of their customers and have a deeper comprehension of the groups of people they market to.

Once this is done, it becomes simpler to tailor messages based on the various segments found. The increase of ecommerce companies means more competition for your attention. Even if a company is not selling the same thing as another, the same person can be categorized as being part of the same persona for more than one brand.

This is where the brand’s identity and creativity comes in. A great exercise is to think of adjectives that make up the brand and have your messaging and image reflect that. Packaging is unfortunately something that gets overlooked but there is so much potential to making it stand out. If you think about it, the package is the first thing customers see when they receive your product. They don’t expect brands to have great packages, which creates the opportunity to be distinct and at the top of mind of customers.

Custom printed tape is a great starting point for customization since it is fairly affordable and will get the message across to customers. Having any element of your package custom made improves brand retention and recognition.

Packaging should be just as important as your product

When we meet someone or get exposed to a brand for the first time, we start forming opinions right away. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is vital to know how to stand out in a positive way.

With the increased popularity of ecommerce, customers may have never been exposed to a physical attribute of the brand yet. The package would be the first thing they will see and touch even though they know what to expect in the box. For example, consider the situation where you were to receive a package and the box is torn, looks cheap and worn out. This sets the precedent on the image of the brand and how their products are perceived to be.

Packaging tape is an important component in sealing boxes to make sure they get to their intended destination in one piece. It is too bad it is not a decision more highly regarded since there are a lot of variations to the product. If more thought were put into it, a different kind of packaging tape could be more beneficial to the operations and the other supplies used in the packaging process. A great example would be sealing in cold or freezing temperatures. Not all tape performs the same in this environment. Another example is when highly recycled boxes are used. Not every kind of tape sticks well to them therefore it is best to look into the each case to use the packaging tape that is right for you.

How to chose the right packaging tape

As mentioned above, there are certain aspects to consider before making a choice on tape for your specific application. All these factors can have an affect on the quality and the security of the seal: grade, environment, substrate, application method and tape quality.

Grade means the thickness of the film and amount of adhesive applied. When it comes to environment, there are two things to consider: the temperature of application when the tape is used and the temperature where the tape is stored. This all matters since adhesion is compromised. Not all tapes perform the same and have their pros and cons in various situations. Substrate is the surface on which the packaging tape is applied to since not all boxes are made the same.

When it comes to applying packaging tape, there are two ways to do so: manual or machine application. The tape used in a machine application needs to have an easy unwind to reduce tension that causes tearing and stretching. The quality of the tape is another thing to take into consideration. There are a few tape suppliers that have a good reputation on providing consistent product quality. You can rely on their tape to have a consistent film thickness, thick adhesive coating and so on. Even though packaging tape physically takes a small part of the overall business process, taking the time to choose the right one will far outweigh the decision to go with the most affordable.

How to Package your Box for an Optimal Customer Experience

Shopping malls across the United States and Canada are acquiring less traffic as online shopping becomes more prevalent. This year’s second quarter, brick-and-mortar stores have experienced a decrease of 8.6% vacancy rate. With an increasing number of retailers closing shop such as Sears, JC Penney, Toys “R” Us and Bon Ton, there has to be a shift to increase customer experience.

As ecommerce is taking up more market share of the retail space, brands needs to rethink of ways to flourish. Depending on the type of business you are, there are great ways to be at the top of mind of customers. Brick-and-mortar stores would need to think of ways to draw people in with added services, promotions and events. Also no matter if a company sells only online or both online and in store, it is imperative to think about how to package your product to customers.

Some companies may consider packaging as an afterthought but it has to be perceived as an essential and powerful marketing tool. Sealed Air, a packaging company surveyed 2,000 respondents and 58% said that if they receive a damaged or broken product online, they would make their future purchases from competitors. It is clear that as more consumers take their shopping online, the more they would have to think about superior packaging solutions.

Trends in packaging

Frustration free customer experience packaging is a trend that is here to stay since customers have different expectations as Amazon places a precedent on how to package for ecommerce. When you look at products on store shelves, they are packaged to catch the attention of people walking by with the over-the-top packaging and features to prevent theft. This does not translate well when sending the exact same product packaged this way by mail. Brands should think about unique packaging designs to elevate their brand in the eyes of customers. The goal is to make the unboxing experience memorable.

A great way of achieving this is to bridge the gap between online and traditional retail shopping. Brands should increase levels of customer satisfaction and enhance buyer experience through good packaging. Personalized packaging will set you apart from competition since it will provide a closer relationship between a brand and customers.

As for the kind of packaging customers are expecting brands to use, it shouldn’t come to a surprise they are looking for environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Gummed paper tape is a great example since it is made of paper and can be recycled with the box. Another example is Pizza Hut’s DJ Pizza Box that can be double as a portable DJ deck. That being said, there are a lot of ways to building a company’s brand reputation and packaging plays an essential role in providing high customer service standards.