How Going Lean Led To Increased Productivity and Sales

In order to make custom products, the production and manufacturing of the process would have to be adjusted for every new order. Looking at our business, this would cut down the printing time of tape since a new plate would have to be installed with every order. For the production team to print the optimal number of tape to fulfill the highest number of orders, there has to be a system in place to reduce wasted time and other resources.

Going Lean

For manufacturing companies, it is best to start looking at the production team to see what can be improved in order to accept and fulfill as many orders in a given time with the least amount of waste. Lean manufacturing is a system that minimizes waste without sacrificing productivity. The concept was first introduced by Toyota, which has helped them become one of the world’s largest automakers today.

A great way to describe what going lean means, is through a series of tools that helps in identifying and getting rid of waste. Another approach brought forth by Toyota is improving the flow or how smoothly it runs. In some factories, the layout of the machinery and certain work stations can be placed to reduce the number of steps or walking back and forth to get a task completed. There are many ways companies are engaging in wasteful tasks without even being aware of it.

Types of waste

When companies produce too much product at one time, it can result in poor workflow and excess inventory. Since we are human, mistakes can be made in paperwork, product quality or poor delivery. There are ways in which these issues can be avoided if there is more organization in place.

Unnecessary inventory will take up space in the warehouse, which can lead to delays, excessive cost and poor customer service. Other times it all comes down to processing work using the wrong set of tools or procedures.

There may even be too much transportation due to excessive movement of various information, products and even people. This all leads to wasted time, effort and cost.

On the other hand, there can be periods of inactivity of various things such as people, information and product. When this is the case, it is a result of poor workflow and long lead times.

Lastly, when the workplace is organized in such a way that increases unnecessary motion, it should be time to rethink the workplace layout to reduce poor ergonomics, excessive bending or stretching.

How to keep your brand relevant

When it comes down to it, even with a great product or service offering, it is important to keep an eye out for new opportunities to grow your business. Depending on the industry, the lifespan of your product varies. For example, tech products will go through the lifecycle stages more quickly as compared to a food product.

Innovation is key in all businesses – No one is immune

Spectra Tapes is aware of the various ways a company can keep up with the trends to remain competitive. One of them is to keep learning about the industry and the various improvements in technology to help businesses grow. Attending trade shows is a great way to meet people that compete in your space and learn more about ways to remain competitive. This year, Spectra Tapes is attending Pack Expo International in Chicago to monitor the market and communicate directly with customers. This is a way for Spectra Tapes to monitor the market and adjust their product offering to what customers are looking for. There are also different kinds of sessions of which speakers will talk about where they see the industry in the coming years as well as other companies offering in-booth demos.

Extending the product lifecycle

The longer companies have been around, the more they know about keeping up with trends to appeal to a new market or audience. For example, the casino industry is facing the issue of an aging customer base. Therefore, they would have to figure out how to capture the new generation. Spectra Tapes is aware that in order to remain competitive, they should do their research and be creative to have a list of opportunities available.

There are different ways companies can extend their product lifecycle. Product extension is the way to keep your product or service relevant. This can be done through advertising, reducing the price, adding a new feature, looking into new markets or updating the packaging.

Customer Satisfaction: A Leading Motivator at Spectra

Spectra understands that when it comes down to it, brands that don’t spend time thinking about different ways to make sure their customers are satisfied will not be in the position to confidently say they will come back. It may sound pretty straightforward but being consistent in your work is something that is very powerful.

Companies today have various channels to be able to interact with customers. The so-called customer journey spans all components within a business, which include anything from buying a certain product to using it, or getting in touch with a customer service representative in case help is needed with the product. Another one can be making the decision to using a product for the first time. It is one thing finding a client; it is another being able to retain them for a long period of time. In order to find a new customer, these figures highly depend on the industry which can range anywhere from $5 to $500. These figures depend on the marketing efforts of companies.

It is surprising the amount of companies that cannot provide a consistent customer journey. With increasing multichannel and multitouch world, it is more important than ever to make sure your service is consistent. Another aspect that customers place a lot of importance on is the feeling of trust. That is the main driver of satisfaction and loyalty in most industries. When companies are consistent in their product and service, it is easier to be trustworthy. As this becomes the case, the secondary sentiment is customer loyalty. Some deciding factors on brands to keep doing business with are ones customers feel closest to and those that are most trustworthy.

In order for customers to know about your brand, there will have to be some marketing messages that would need to be shared and made. The way brands communicate with customers by making promises as well as promising to keep them says a lot about your brand. The consistency of these messages is key since a brand can promise lowest cost, they would have to deliver on this message over time.

To put this plan into motion, it is wise to take a journey-based approach. Think about the different ways customers come in contact with your brand and create teams that are responsible for the end-to-end customer journey. First focus on the most important touchpoints and keep an eye on your metrics. Then fix the areas where negative experiences are commonly found.

It is important for companies to get this all right as quickly as possible since those who are facing inconsistency in their customer service are using up needless resources without truly improving the customer journey.

When a customer at Spectra places an order for custom printed tape, an approval sheet would have to be filled out and signed off by the customer before it goes to the press. This ensures the customer is satisfied with the outcome of the process so far until the product is ready to be shipped off. Also any stock printed tape or carton sealing tape that does not meet the standards of customers can be returned.

An In-Depth Guide to Kraft Paper Tape: Everything You Need to Know

You may have noticed the rising popularity of kraft paper tape in recent years used mostly by ecommerce companies to package their boxes. This was not the case about a decade ago since the largest player in ecommerce was just emerging. The company who I am referring to is Amazon and once they started using custom printed kraft paper tape, others followed suit.

It is important to note that not many companies were using kraft paper tape to seal their packages at the time. Tape experts are even quoted saying that kraft tape was on its last leg until Amazon started using it.

Why Has Kraft Paper Tape Been So Unpopular?

The reason why this has been the case is the difficulty of application. For the adhesive to activate on kraft paper tape, it needs to come in contact with water. There shouldn’t be too much or too little water applied onto the adhesive since it will not stick very well to the box. It is possible to do this manually but it will be time consuming and can get messy. It is best to use a machine to apply the tape since it will be able to measure the exact length needed as well as apply the water onto the adhesive.

The Advantages to Using Kraft Paper Tape

Kraft paper tape is the most environmentally friendly packaging tape on the market. Since it is not made out of plastic, it is not at all necessary to remove the tape off the boxes before recycling them. Kraft tape is the only one that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. If you don’t think it can get any better, the adhesive is made of vegetable glue and is completely soluble in water. There are no solvents used in its manufacturing process and the gum breaks down easily in the recycling process.

Ecommerce companies seem to have adopted this tape more rampantly as compared to other industries. But this kind of tape is made for a vast array of applications across many industries.

How kraft paper tape works is the adhesive, once wet and activated, soaks into the carton fibres for the tape to be fused onto the box for extra security and tamper evident packages. Another added benefit is kraft tape will increase the look of your box. Since the look of the tape is similar with the box, it looks sleeker. If you want your package to stand out, it is possible to print various colors on kraft paper tape to promote your brand.

If you are still not convinced, kraft paper tape ages and deteriorates slower than other packaging tapes. In addition, it is resistant to humidity and extreme temperatures. For extra security, kraft tape can be reinforced with fibreglass strands going through the tape. All these advantages allow it to be a viable option for all businesses.

How custom printed tape adds security to your packages

There are thousands of packages being shipped worldwide everyday. For those companies who use standard packaging tape, they are missing out on the added benefits offered with custom printed tape.

Increasing security of your packages

There are a few options available for companies looking to use a certain kind of customized tape.

1. Stock Printed Tape

For those who are looking for something more budget-friendly, there are stock printed tape options available. Stock printed tape identifies the contents and communicates important messages to the handler. These special messages reduce the risk of damage to your merchandise. Examples of messages offered are ‘glass handle with care’, ‘do not cut with knife’ and ‘warning – if this seal is broken’.

2. Custom Printed Packaging Tape

Another option available is to have your company’s logo printed on the tape. This is the most customized product since no other company will have the same design or logo. Not only will this product add more security to your packages, but it will also increase brand recognition and brand retention. In addition, it is possible to add special alerts and important handling requirements onto the tape. If you would like to stand out from competition and have your product arrive at its intended location safely, then this product is a great option. Custom printed tape come in various materials with the most common ones being polypropylene, kraft gummed tape, acrylic and PVC.

3. High Security Tape

If the nature of what you are looking to ship needs more security than stock printed and custom printed tape, there is the option of using high security tape. This tape is designed to reveal a tamper-evident message once the tape is removed from the surface. This residue left on the box is impossible to erase and is resistant to hot and cold temperature extremes. For additional security, it is possible to customize the visible and hidden messages for an extra cost. The most common industries that use this product are financial institutions, jewellery, lottery, governmental, corporate security, couriers and so on.

You can never be too sure who might come in contact with your package. That is why it is recommended to use some kind of customized packaging tape. If the package has been resealed with a commonly found tape, it would be very obvious it has been opened before it has arrived to its intended location.