How Custom Printed Tape Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

This year the total worldwide ecommerce sales is expected to reach $2.8 trillion USD and this figure is only going to continue to increase within the years. Now the question becomes, what is your company doing to stand out from all of the packages in transit?

In the United States alone, there are $340 billion of online sales annually. It used to be the country with the most ecommerce sales for over a decade but recently got beat out by China.

Custom printed boxes are an option but it will not bring as much value as custom printed tape will. Depending on how the logo is printed onto the box, customers may not even notice it. In addition, printed boxes are expensive and offer little to no security for your product. Every business faces costs associated to damage, loss or pilferage of their products. A great solution to combat all of those is to start using custom printed tape. It is a cost-effective way to meet your packaging, advertising and security needs.

In order to get the best possible product, it is important to provide a high-resolution version of the logo to be printed onto the tape. This way, prints are clear, crisp and vivid. It is possible to print up to three different colors onto the packaging tape selected.

There are four different kinds of packaging tape to choose from. One of which is polypropylene, the most commonly used tape due to its affordable cost and ability to get most jobs done. Once it is stuck on the box, the adhesive will fuse to it. Although the more recycled the box, the harder time it will have to stick.

PVC is regarded as the Cadillac of tape due to its natural rubber adhesive and hard vinyl film. It is a very reliable tape, which performs well in various situations. Since all clear tape look similar, a good way to tell the difference between them is to unwind the tape. If it makes a noise, it is means it is either polypropylene or acrylic. PVC is fairly silent when sealing.

As mentioned previously, acrylic is another kind of tape that can be used for packaging. It is recommended for use in cold or freezer temperatures. It binds best within 24 hours of application.

Gummed or water activated tape is a popular option within ecommerce companies. The history of this tape is that it was on its last leg until the now largest online marketplace, Amazon started using it to package its boxes.

These different options all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some are best in certain industries therefore it is advised to look into the characteristics of each tape and in which conditions it best performs.

What to look for in tape dispensers

There are various kinds of tape dispensers on the market. The first decision companies have to make is whether or not to invest in a machine that applies the tape to the package or apply the tape with a dispenser. A few things to consider are budget, volume of packages to seal and space in the warehouse.

There are a lot of other details to consider as well once you made the decision between the two. In this article, you will see the variations between the different hand held models and which is best for your business.

If you are using a 2-inch tape, it is best to look into also purchasing a 2-inch tape dispenser since they were made for each other. There are three different kinds of shoppers on the market for tape dispensers. For those people who are looking for the best price, the economy dispenser is the best option. We have one with a side loader and adjustable brake. The blade is made out of stainless steel whereas the body is made of a plastic construction. This type of dispenser is recommended for occasional use for start-ups or for companies that have a low volume of products to ship.

The general-purpose dispenser should be considered when you would need to use it a few times everyday. It has the same characteristics as the economy model but it is a slightly more stable product. Depending on the size roll you use, you will find one with either a plastic or metal construction.

The third type of dispenser is for people who would need it for constant use. It has a durable metal construction and the roller is made of a natural rubber for best pressure sensitive application. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this one would be the most expensive of the three common kinds of dispensers.

Keep in mind that these tape dispensers are for polypropylene, PVC and acrylic. In other words, any film that has a sticky adhesive applied to it works for these dispensers. Water activated gummed tape is one that would need a special kind of dispenser. With the increasing popularity of ecommerce, there is an increasing amount of people who are buying products online. Also since Amazon, the largest ecommerce site uses gummed tape, other companies took notice and want the same for their packages. For the adhesive on gummed tape to activate, there needs to be just the right amount of water to be able to bind properly onto the box.

Why Custom Packaging Tape Makes Sense for Your Business

If you are a company selling your products online, there are so many products and services available out there to help you strengthen your brand and help you acquire more sales. Sometimes it becomes too overwhelming deciding on the next product or service to invest in. Since companies do have limited resources, a lot of time is spent looking into which provides them with the best bang for their buck.

There are a few necessary areas that need to be in place for a company to be run efficiently such as staff and utilities. When companies come across custom printed packaging tape, it may not seem like an expense that is worth it at first. But when you look at all the advantages of custom printed tape, the cost of the product provides more benefits at first glance. Not all companies might find the same benefits of custom printed tape but it is worth considering instead of using the standard packaging.

Here are some things to consider when thinking of making the switch to custom printed tape.

Improved Security

It is no secret that the fastest way to lose a customer is by providing them with a bad experience. It has been found that an average American customer will tell about 16 other people about their bad experience even though you have a generous policy for remedying the situation. Getting that customer back will be tough since making up for their negative experience can take a lot of effort. It has been said that it will take 12 positive experiences to make up for just one bad one.

After reading those numbers, making sure your products arrive to their destination well protected during shipment should be a top priority. With the use of custom printed tape, it reduces the instances of tampering and pilferage. When you think about it, only employees working for your company will be in contact with the tape. Therefore if your package has been resealed at any time, it would be obvious something happened to it when it was in transit.

Custom Built Products for Customers

Nowadays it is as though most of the products and services we consume are customized to our liking. The same should be said for the packaging of our boxes. If you want your logo to appear a certain way with the colors you want on the tape, it is entirely up to you to do so. This way, your package will stand out from that of your competition. Not only can you have custom printed tape with your logo on it, you can even add more customization by including timely marketing messages such as Black Friday and the holidays. If you think about it, packaging tape is an essential product. It is a no brainer to use it as a marketing vehicle as well.

Make a Good First Impression

It is proven that people form their first impression almost instantly. Through the emerging popularity of ecommerce, the packages customers receive will form the first impression of your company. Even though they know what the contents of the box are and that is what is most important, the first thing they will notice is your company’s package. It is can even increase the expectations of the product itself.

Enhance your brand

As mentioned earlier, custom packaging can help you stand out from the crowd. More people will be able to identify your brand and your company will be at the top of mind of consumers. Brand value has to be strong in order for customers to be more connected with your brand. This helps ensure the long-term success of your business.



How to get your brand to stand out this year

According to the U.S. small business administration, there are 28.8 million small businesses in the United States. Statistics Canada has calculated that there are 1.6 million small businesses in Canada as of June 2016. If you are also a small business in North America, what are some strategies you are putting in place to help your brand stand out?

Social media marketing

It is important to have a presence on various social media platforms. Depending on where your potential customers spend the most time, focus on those websites first. Being a small business means you have limited resources and need to prioritize where to spend your time. Some accounts may just be open for informative purposes only while others may have a more active following.

It is key to think of ways to stand out from the competition and get the right people engaging and sharing your content. So how do you do this? The content you post and share has to be novel and interesting enough for people to want their friends and family to also see the content.

Other online marketing strategies

Social media is obviously a big part of your branding strategy but there are other ways to get noticed by customers online. Search engine marketing is a way for people to look for solutions to their problems. Nowadays when someone is looking for a certain product or wants to look for a new dentist, they turn to search engines to find the best option for their needs. Companies can pay for ads to show up at the top of the search engine result page or work on their organic search engine optimization. There can even be a combination of the two.

Then to help establish your brand, email marketing, blogging, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing are all good options.

Offline campaigns

This is very effective for small businesses since they are part of a community in a given city. To get people to know who you are and what you are about, it can be a good idea to create buzz within your community by being active in local events and charities.

There are other options, which are up to companies to figure out what their budgets are and the best allocation of resources.

Custom printed packaging tape

If you are in the business of shipping goods to customers, there are interesting ways you can do so to make your package stand out. Getting your logo custom printed onto the tape not only promotes your brand but it also reduces instances of pilferage and makes you look more professional.