7 things you didn’t know about gummed paper tape

If you sell anything to customers and need to ship packages, it is good to know what your options are when it comes to the different kinds of packaging tape out there. There can be a better type of packaging tape to be used for your specific needs. Here are just some facts about gummed, or water-activated tape.

1. Amazon brought it back to life

Before the online retail giant came into existence and made the decision to use gummed tape, not many people were using it. There can be many reasons for this that will be discussed later. Gummed tape was on its last leg when the demand for gummed tape surged. Due to the popularity of Amazon and it being the largest online retailer out there, other online retailers decided to follow suit and use gummed tape for their packages.

2. Ages and deteriorates slower than standard packing tapes

Since the film on gummed tape is made out of paper, it does not yellow over time. The adhesive on the film even has to get activated by water right before application whereas other tape will not perform as well after a few years of storage.

3. 100% recyclable and biodegradable

Because gummed tape is made out of paper, it can be left on the box to be recycled altogether. The adhesive is even made out of vegetable glue, which makes it completely water-soluble. In addition, no solvents are used in the manufacturing process and the gum breaks down easily once recycled.

4. Reinforced and non reinforced

There are two different kinds of gummed tape. Reinforced gummed tape has the strings within it to make is stronger and tear resistant. The other is non reinforced which can be ripped or cut through more easily. It really depends on the needs of the company to know which one to use.

5. Easily print on for customization

It is very easy to print your logo on paper film but be advised the film is brown. When you customize your packaging tape, it will stick out and help with your overall marketing efforts.

6. Humidity and temperature resistant

Unlike other kinds of tape, when applying gummed tape to your boxes, it doesn’t matter what the environmental conditions are since it will bind very well regardless. In addition during transportation, gummed tape will stay stuck through the roughest conditions.

7. Difficulty of application

Since the adhesive on gummed tape has to first be activated with water, it can get pretty tricky and messy. If you decide to apply it by hand, it will take you more time as compared to the other kinds of tape to apply.

What Custom Printed Tape Can Do For You

It is always a good feeling seeing your product being put to use by customers. Competing in the custom printed tape space, it is crucial to deliver high quality products to make sure customers are satisfied. If there are any instances where the tape does not perform to the standards of customers, it is on us to correct the situation and make sure it never happens again.

This week, we have received a package from one of our customers and this has made our day seeing how much more their brand name stands out. But most importantly the tape has stuck onto the box very well. Lee Valley has recognized the benefits of using custom printed tape for packaging their boxes. They have entrusted us to be able to deliver that to them. As you can see, they are not using a bland one tone tape but instead they went with tape that sticks out from the pack and this allows them to stand out in various ways.

First of all, when customers order your product, they have a good idea of what will be inside. But if you think about it, the first thing they will see is your package. If you fail to make sure your brand doesn’t stand out, you can be missing out on possible word-of-mouth stories and fun experiences customers may encounter with your brand.

If competition does not offer custom printed tape, it is a good idea to get ahead and have your logo printed on the seal. It will set you apart from them and will get your packages to stay at the top of mind of customers.

Some advantages to custom printed tape are ease of stock identification, deters pilferage, gets your product to stand out, great form of advertising, looks attractive and professional and it is an inexpensive way to get your message across.

Most of the time when someone has never ordered a box of tape before, they might not know which one is the best choice for their company. That is why it is important to have customer sales representatives available to answer all questions that may arise. There are a four types of tape this is the most ideal for packaging your boxes with. If you don’t know which is most convenient for you, it is best to inform yourself first since some are best when applied in a cold environment, while others stick better to heavily recycled boxes.

You May Be Using the Wrong Packaging Tape For Your Needs

Before proceeding with your custom printed tape order, there are some factors and attributes companies would have to take into consideration to pick the most appropriate packaging tape. Some examples consist of the temperature the tape is applied, the type of box used as well as its weight, the amount of recycled materials used to make the box, whether the package is exposed to chemicals or UV rays and the shipping method.

It is recommended for a company to choose the packaging tape that best fits their business activities as well as the environment they are planning on packaging and storing their boxes.

There are three different kinds of adhesives used for packaging boxes, which are good in certain conditions but best to know whether it is ideal for your specific needs. Synthetic rubber adhesive has very good strength and the best holding power. It sticks very well in room temperature and is resistant to humidity and moisture. This type of adhesive has a long shelf life but it has a low UV and chemical resistance.

Natural rubber adhesive has similar characteristics to synthetic rubber but the adhesive will tend to yellow after some time. Acrylic adhesive has the lowest shear strength out of the three but can be applied at lower temperatures. It is excellent when exposed to UV and chemical if that is the case in the packing environment. Acrylic tends to stick best 24 hours after application.

These adhesives need to be applied onto a backing for which there is a few options available. Polypropylene is strong and not prone to tearing. Between all options for backing, polypro is the most affordable and will get most packaging jobs done without a hitch. Polyester backing is also very strong and will not tear; good for heavy boxes. Kraft paper, as the name implies, is made out of paper. Depending if you purchase the kraft tape with the fibres, the ability for it to tear will decrease drastically.

Other things to consider before purchasing tape are the weight of the box since the heavier the box, the stronger and/or wider the tape needs to be. Another thing to consider is if the box is being shipped solo, it is a good idea to look into abrasion resistance. When they are palletized and stretch wrapped together, the stress is relieved off the tape. If you use a box that has a double wall, it is also advised to use a thicker tape since these boxes have a memory and will want to open back up. The same idea applies to boxes that are overstuffed since they apply more pressure on the flaps. To remain closed, it is best to use a tape with more adhesive. On the other hand, if a box is under filled, it is best to use a stickier adhesive and apply it by pressing down on the box.