Spectra Tapes Live Chat

It is now possible to chat with us during business hours. In order to serve our customers better and answer their questions, it is a great solution to provide real time answers instead of other methods of communication. Companies have to think about their online website somewhat like a brick and mortar store. When you walk into a store, there are salespeople around to help and guide the customer through the funnel. This doesn’t have to be different once the setting has changed to the online world. Customers will still need assistance, therefore it is recommended to have a live chat feature on your online store.

In your Google Analytics, you can see just how many people have visited your site in a given time period and how many of those have purchased a product or service. It is a good exercise to do an A/B test on a site with a live chat feature and one without. A fairly obvious hypothesis is one where there are no salespeople to help your online customers, they will shop around on your competitors sites if they do not get the assistance they are looking for. It is important to build trust with customers especially if you are a new brand. Once that has been established, and the communication with the customer has gone well, it is more likely they will place an order with you.

Depending on the size of your organization, there are countless solutions out there for businesses who are looking to get live chat on their website. This feature will give you an edge over competition and make your business more competitive.

After our business hours, it is possible to leave your email and a detailed message. A customer service representative will get back to you at their earliest convenience.

Another advantage of having live chat is to get customer comments directly from them and inquire further about their experience. To make sure other customers have an easier time on your site, make the necessary changes whether it is adding content to your site or to change its layout in order to make things more clear. Getting pain points from customers directly is a great asset.

What to know before your first custom printed tape order

Custom printed packaging tape has many benefits to the user. Think about all the packages currently in transit and how they must look. Probably a sea of brown boxes with a clear packing tape going across it. Once you get custom printed tape for your packages, they will become easily identifiable and stand out.

It is important to get your designer to come up with a great concept on how you would like your tape to look like. It is best to first contact the company to estimate how much it would cost to produce the tape. Then you can budget how you would like your design to be and how much to order. The more colors the tape has, the more expensive your custom roll will be. This is due to the number of plates used in the printing process.

Once the plate(s) for your logo are made, it is not necessary to purchase them again on your second order. They are stored in your file where they are retrieved when needed. The only time these will need to be redone is if you want the logo on the tape to be modified.

Or if there is too much wear and tear, the plate has to also be replaced by a new one. An estimate on when it needs to be replaced is if it is used up continuously for eight-hour shifts for a duration of a week and a half. Another variable is how much experience the employee who mounted the plate on the machinery has. The most common sized tape, 48 x 66, without mounting time and cleaning, should take fifteen minutes to print a case.

To be able to first make a plate, companies should provide high-resolution imagery. The supported formats are AI, EPS or vector. Customer satisfaction is the priority and to ensure that, your brand will be contacted if there is a problem with the quality or resolution of the image provided. If a lower quality image is used, the logo on the tape will not appear as crisp.

Another great advantage of using custom printed tape is that rates of pilferage and tampering will decrease significantly. This is because it is highly obvious if someone repackages the box with regular tape. As the receiver, if you notice the tape on the package has been previously opened, make sure all the contents in the shipment are all still there.