Ordering custom printed tape from Spectra Tapes

There are hundreds of different decisions to make as a business owner such as where to open shop, which is the optimal target audience and what social media sites to focus on. When it comes to packing up shipments, you will have to think about tape. It may seem like such an insignificant decision but when you contemplate about all the benefits of custom printed tape, it is worth thinking twice about it. Read about what those are here.

It is normal that the average person does not know much about the different kinds of tape and which is best for their needs. There are three main kinds of tape that can be printed on. These are polypropylene, PVC and acrylic. If you need advice on which one to use for your business needs, a representative at Spectra Tapes would be glad to help. Or read this article about the different kinds.

To prepare your order, it would have to be done through the spectratapes.com website. Depending on the kind of tape you chose, there are different colors your message or image can be printed on and different colors of ink. It is up to your design team to figure it out and pick the best one in regards to your brand. Just keep in mind the more colors of ink used, the more costly your order will be. Again, if you are experiencing any kind of trouble or difficulty in this process, don’t be shy to contact us.

Before you upload your logo or message, be sure they are of high resolution. The supported formats are AI, EPS or vector. To ensure complete customer satisfaction with the custom printed tape, Spectra Tapes will contact you if there is ever a problem with the quality or resolution of the image.

Once an order goes through and the quality of imagery is acceptable, Spectra Tapes then prepares an approval sheet. This is a document where the proof of the visuals is placed it on along with the other details of your order such as the width and length, type of tape and the unwind direction. This sheet would have to be signed and dated off by the customer for your order to go into production.

The first step to making custom printed packaging tape is making the plate. A plate will contain the visuals the customer has ordered to be able to print it onto the tape. This is a one-time fee if a customer would like to print the same visuals again in the future. It is kept in a file to retrieve as soon as a second order comes in. The final step is pretty simple since it is where the order goes to the press.